5 Hottest Trends in Fintech for 2017

4. Invoicing will become less burdensome
We love getting paid, but hate having to fill out invoices and constantly follow-up to ensure they’re paid, especially when you serve thousands of customers. Nilay Banker, founder and CEO of Inspyrus, has determined that companies will benefit from innovating the invoicing process. “While digitization solutions have been around for 30 years old, the next generation of solutions are now here – think invoice automation on steroids,” he says. “In 2017, we will see real change and real innovation as enterprises begin to embrace Fintech concepts that take a fundamentally new approach to invoice automation that break away from legacy operations that are truly disruptive, as opposed to solutions that merely collect, image, and upload invoices to ERP or other back-office systems.” If companies want to grow, they need to be able to collect money owed quickly and in an effective manner. Typically invoices are paid at the very last minute, but if better options are presented that make the payment process easier, this will increase how quickly invoices are paid.

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